Natural Pain Relief through Reflexology

Pressure applied to specific points in your hands or feet is known as reflexology. It is a relaxing practice that helps relieve tension and various other issues. The fundamental idea behind it is that different parts of your feet correspond to various organs and systems inside your body. Through applying pressure to various parts of the foot it is believed that an entirely different reaction is created in the corresponding part of the body which can then give the user a particular feeling or effect.

Reflexology can be practiced through a myriad of methods. There are some that are focused on the location of the trigger point in the hands or feet, which provides relief from pain, stress and other associated disorders. Many believe that specific places on the hands and feet are associated with certain emotions or feelings. Reflexology could be able to relieve pain and even cure the condition.

A type of Reflexology is to apply pressure along the major nerve pathways of the feet or hands. This type of Reflexology often involves applying pressure on the knuckles of the hand or on the toes of feet. The pressure applied to these areas may help relieve tension in muscles and headaches. The method of Reflexology can also be beneficial to relieve stress, pain insomnia, and other health associated issues.

Reflexology is also used as a way to massage various areas of your hands and feet. It is often combined with massage therapy. A lot of Reflexologists provide a mix of massage therapy as well as Reflexology. The practice addresses the physical and emotional needs of an individual. These methods do not only offer pain relief but can aid in strengthening the immune system.

In Chinese medicine, Reflexology combines the use of pressure points on your hands or feet with acupuncture. One of the oldest forms of Chinese medical practice, acupuncture is one. The practice uses tiny needles that apply pressure on specific bodies to eliminate obstacles and boost energy flow. Qi (pronounced «chee»), which is an energy type. According to Chinese is a form of medicine the belief is that qi can be an invisible force that is experienced by our bodies, and is responsible for maintaining our wellbeing. A lot of people think that the flow of qi through the body could be disrupted by a myriad of causes, like fatigue, stress, pain, and more.

It is proven scientifically that Reflexology has positive results in some people who suffer with certain ailments, such as: hypertension and chronic pain, migraine headaches, PMS, digestive problems muscles tension, insomniaand many more. Research has also shown that certain individuals are more susceptible to Reflexology than others. For instance, people with chronic pain could respond more favorably to Reflexology compared to those who do not suffer from pain. But, there are some who feel that the results of Reflexology are not beneficial for them due to being stressed at the beginning. If this is the case, Chinese herbs may be the best option to ease the symptoms they are having.

Chinese reflexologists believe that when you apply pressure on specific reflex points it could stimulate your parasympathetic nerve systems, which can boost your overall health. Parasympathetic or stress related increased activity of the heart rate and blood vessels, and constipation vomiting, nausea, cramps, dizziness, headaches, weakening, fatigue as well as a host of other conditions may be caused due to Parasympathetic hyperactivity. Certain doctors and researchers think there’s the connection between an irregular heart rate and irregular beat along with nerve system disorders. A lot of researchers believe that Reflexology could help restore healthy organs to their natural equilibrium.

Reflexology is used for many purposes like we’ve already discussed. Many doctors have even mentioned treating ear infections as well as the flu in just a matter of days using Reflexology methods. One of the best ways to know the possibility that Reflexology will help treat your health issues is to make your appointment with a local reflexologist who will determine whether the symptoms you are experiencing stem from anxiety and/or stress. Most cases can be reduced or eliminated by pressing particular reflex points. It will trigger your body’s natural reflexes to be able to respond to the pain you are experiencing to alleviate the pain.

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