The Natural Way to Treat Pain With Reflexology

Reflexology may be described as applying pressure to specific areas on the feet or hands. Reflexology is usually very relaxing and is often able to ease the stress of a range of ailments. The primary theory behind reflexology is that various parts of the feet correspond to the various organs and systems in the body. The theory is that if you apply pressure on the different parts of your foot, it produces a specific reaction in your body which then gives you a certain feeling.

There are many types of Reflexology. There are some that focus on locating the trigger points in your feet or hands. This provides relief from pain, stress and other associated disorders. Some also believe that certain places on the hands and feet correspond to specific emotions or sensations. Reflexology may be able to ease pain or cure a condition.

Reflexology can be defined as applying pressure to the major nerve pathways within the feet or hands. Reflexology is performed through applying pressure to your foot’s heel or on the finger tips. The application of pressure on these points may help relieve muscle tension, headaches, or any other persistent discomfort. This kind of Reflexology could also prove beneficial for pain, stress, insomnia, as well as other health related issues.

Reflexology can also be used for applying pressure points to the hands or feet. In some cases, it is combined together with massage. Reflexologists usually offer massage therapy as well as Reflexology. The practice addresses the emotional and physical needs of an individual. Alongside alleviating pain, some of these techniques can help improve the condition of an individual’s immune system.

In Chinese medical practice, Reflexology combines the use of pressure points on your feet or hands together with the practice of acupuncture. Acupuncture is among the oldest forms of Chinese medicine. It uses needles of varying sizes to apply pressure to specific bodies to eliminate obstructions and improve energy flow. Qi (pronounced «chee»), that is the energy type. According to Chinese medicine the qi (pronounced chee) is the invisible force that is present throughout the body. It is also believed to help us maintain our health. The Qi flow in the body can be disrupted by tension, fatigue or stress.

The scientific literature suggests that Reflexology may have positive effects in some people who suffer from specific ailments like hypertension as well as chronic pain, migraine headaches, Couple’s massage PMS, digestive problems, muscle tension, insomniaand many more. Scientific evidence also shows that certain individuals are more at risk of Reflexology in comparison to others. Reflexology could be more beneficial for people with chronic pain than those who do not suffer from it. But, there are some who feel that the results of Reflexology don’t work for them due to being under too much stress at the beginning. In this case, Chinese herbs may be the best option for them to alleviate the symptoms they are having.

Chinese reflexologists believe that by pressing down at specific reflex points, it can stimulate your parasympathetic nervous systems to boost your overall health. Parasympathetic hyperactivity can result in stress-related hyperactivity as well as blood vessels to be hyperactive. It could also be responsible for constipation as well as other symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness. Many doctors and scientists think there’s an association between an abnormal heart rate, irregular heartbeat, as well as nervous system irregularities. The practice of reflexology is thought to help bring back this natural balance between the organs.

Reflexology is a technique that can be utilized for many purposes like we’ve already discussed. Reflexology is used by many doctors to treat ear infections colds and other conditions within days. One of the best ways to know if Reflexology can help you treat any health concerns is to set up your appointment with a local reflexologist to determine if your symptoms are caused by anxiety or stress. The majority of times, you will be able to reduce or eliminate symptoms through applying pressure to certain areas of your reflex, which will cause the natural reflex functions in the body to regulate and reduce pain and other signs.

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